Event Registration

This information covers general event registration. If you have specific questions please contact us.

Event Registration:

Registration for this event is held exclusively on the day of the parade at the corner of Alamo Drive and Guadalupe Street. Preregistration is not available for this event. Parade vehicle and float participant entrance will be on Alamo Drive via St. Francis Drive ONLY. If you are part of a larger group with multiple entries, you must ALL arrive together to be lined up together. All participants with vehicles participating in this event are required to have:

  • a current driver’s license
  • current vehicle registration
  • proof of insurance

Show cars and motorized bikes are welcome and must have the following items if the show car or motor bike is to be driven in the parade:

  • current driver’s license
  • current vehicle registration
  • proof of insurance

If participant cannot provide all 3 required items the day of the event, participation is still welcome. However the vehicle must be on a trailer during the course of the parade. The 3 required items for the vehicle and driver pulling the trailer will then be required. Off road vehicles are not permitted.

Registration will be:

  • $30.00 per vehicle per entry for schools, churches and non-profits
  • $45.00 per vehicle per entry for all others (nonpolitical)
  • $200.00 per political group (one vehicle included)
  • $50.00 fee for unlicensed vendors soliciting business on parade route
  • $5.00 per bicycle participant