Situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is a small town with a unique culture and beautiful landscapes. This small town was once the largest town in the entire southwest and has held its size while the world has grown.

​It is the only one with over 900 historic buildings on the Historic Registry. Las Vegas is also home to the only United World College in the country.

​In 1835, Las Vegas was officially founded as Senora de Los Dolores de Las Vegas or Our Lady of Sorrows of the Meadows. Although Las Vegas was considered part of New Mexico following the Mexican war, it had a rich and vast history with the Paleo-Indians and the Anasazi and Mogollon cultures. The town was a thriving farming town which  celebrated an annual fiesta honoring saints James and Ann for providing the water needed to feed the community. This celebration became known as the Fourth of July Fiestas in 1888. They continue to celebrate the fiesta every year with food, entertainment, parades and outdoor activities.

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